04.23.24 – Our album, Boutique, hits it’s 20th birthday and we made a celebration video for the occasion. Please watch here and thank you for your support over the years! Boutique 20th Birthday Video

08.18.23 Out Now !! – A new mix of “More Than This” – the Bossa Nova Mix – Available at all digital platforms. Click here for various streaming retailers: More Than This – Bossa Nova Mix

09.23.22 Out Now – “Warm When I’m Alone” Extended Mix – Available at all digital platforms. Click the link here to take you there Warm When I’m Alone – Extended Mix 

06.24.22 Out Now – New Remix! “Saving You, Saving Me” – Jan Areno Remixes is now available at all streaming platforms. Click this link to take you there Saving You, Saving Me – Jan Areno Remixes

11.19.21 Out Now! New Madison Park Single “Saving You, Saving Me” -Click the link to listen at your favorite music platform. Saving You, Saving Me Thank you for your support!

10.15.21 More New Music Coming …. 11.19.21 New Madison Park Single hits the platforms. Please stay tuned

09.17.21 Two new Madison Park tracks OUT NOW appearing on the newest album from Groovecatcher. “Light Years Away” and “Sad Sad Love Song”are both collaborations with UK-based chillout master, Groovecatcher himself, on his new album SKYLINES. This album is chock-full of chill-out gems and can be found at your favorite streaming platform.(spotify, deezer, apple, amazon and more) https://orcd.co/vq9jlq4

06.21.21 Dropping in to mention we’ve been busy in the studio and new music is coming later this year. In the meantime please follow us on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer … wherever you tune-in + various social media platforms. We love staying connected with you and super appreciate your support of our music !!

12.01.20 It’s Xmas time… what?? And we’re hearing our fans, we call friends, calling out “Winter Wonderland” in their playlists. We love to hear it. Happy holidays!

11.06.20 Out Now on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Tidal and more:: The Extended Mixes for “Sensual” Sensual – Extended Mixes

10.23.20 NEW for “Sensual” Out Now // Sensual – The Remixes – Radio Edits Sensual – The Remixes – Radio Edits

10.12.20 NEW Lyric Video for “Sensual” and you can watch it here Sensual Official Lyric Video

09.18.20 New Single Out Now “SENSUAL” … Just click here Sensual and thanks for dropping by!

08.22.20 New Single is set for release 09.18.20 so please be on the look out. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and positive and don’t forget to connect with us on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

04.26.20 New music is coming. We can’t say when but we’re spending a lot of time in the studio, so…… 🙂 In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy.

11.29.19 We are super excited to say we have The Mistletoe Lounge now Available on VINYL, which features our version of Winter Wonderland! For over ten years this title has been a music staple for many during the holidays. The Mistletoe Lounge has made the Top 10 and Top 20 in various countries on iTunes season after season and continues to garner new fans each year. This is the first year we’ve placed the title on Vinyl and because of that it is a Limited Run. You can find it at Amazon in this format as well as CD, and/or stream it at various sites such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Beatport and more. Wishing you the most Happy Holidays as they are officially now here!

09.20.19 New Music :: Hypnotise Me, EP with Groovecatcher and Madison Park is out now and can be found at Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon. Coming soon to Beatport! Link to Spotify here: Hypnotise Me EP

04.19.19 New Release Out Now :: The Deep Remixes Collection
A collection of the deeper and darker Remixes from various Singles including Billboard hits “I’m Listening”, “More Than This”, “Sunrise”, “Ocean Drive” and more. Also featuring a new remix of “Send Me an Angel” by SInna G and “Another Yesterday” remix by DJ Constantino! You can find this new release on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Beatport, Deezer and more.

11.27.18 It’s that time… for holiday music! Check out our version of “Winter Wonderland” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_jnSHNtrlc as well as snippets of the entire The Mistletoe Lounge CD here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoFmLAdW4rQ Both “Winter Wonderland” and The Mistletoe Lounge can be found at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Beatport and more. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

09.28.18 New Music Video for “Don’t Let Go” released today! You can watch it here on YouTube or download at iTunes, Tidal, and more. “Don’t Let Go” includes scenes from Puerto Rico and Toronto. It was important for us to shoot in Puerto Rico to help support their economy and remind others how beautiful the island is. The people of Puerto Rico are kind and strong. Two favorite characteristics one can have. YouTube link can be found here: “Don’t Let Go” Music Video

07.06.18 Excited to say we are OIID’S featured artist! oiid is a premium music platform that allows music fans to interact with their favorite tracks in a way they never have. Here you can step inside and play producer on “Send Me an Angel” and “Don’t Let Go” creating your own mix of the tracks. http://www.oiid.com/public/madisonpark/

06.08.18 – OUT NOW: Remixes for “Send Me An Angel” The Jan Areno Remixes. Find it on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, and more. For iTunes click here + For Spotify click here + For Deezer click here and endless thanks for your support.

04.23.18 Be on the lookout for remixes of “Send Me An Angel” coming 06.08.18!

02.02.18 New Music! Excited to be a part of the new Groovecatcher EP, Aqua de Vida, with a new and original track “Scintillating” as well as two versions of our remake “Send Me An Angel”  by Real Life. You can find this new EP at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Beatport, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, and more. Link to iTunes here: Aqua de Vida  and thank you for your support!

12.01.17 **Out Now** “Send Me An Angel”. Madison Park teams up with Groovecatcher to recreate the 80’s new classic “Send Me An Angel” by Real Life. This hauntingly captivating version is the first remake of the 80’s hit for the chillout genre, being quoted as a masterpiece project between the two. “Send Me An Angel” can be found at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Beatport, and more. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/send-me-an-angel-single/1299267955

10.23.17 New Single coming 12.01.17. This new Single is a collaboration with UK chill-out artist, Groovecatcher. Please stay tuned!

07.17.17 Sometimes you create things to express yourself; and sometimes you create things to help others in need. This one is for the elephants.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdYOFKt0sIg

05.26.17 Out Now: NEW Madison Park EP “Don’t Let Go” – The Remixes. Remixes by Jan Areno, Wayne Numan, including Radio Edits, Extended Mixes, and the Original. Find it at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, Deezer, Beatport and more.

03.17.17 Two brand new Madison Park tracks now appearing on the new George V Cafe CD compiled by Olivier Dignon. Both “Hypnotize Me” and “Calling and Calling” are collaborations with UK-based artist, Groovecatcher. Find the compilation at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Junodownload and more.

01.20.17 “Don’t Let Go” now available! Find it at iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer and more. Remixes coming soon! Click here for: Don’t Let Go

12.12.16 Time for a little “Winter Wonderland” Listen here “Winter Wonderland” Cheers to you and yours during this holiday season. May you be safe, happy, and warm.

08.05.16 New material is now a wrap and coming early 2017.

04.10.16 “Closer” has achieved #4 Breakout track on Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart. Once again a huge thank you to every supporter and listener of “Closer”.

04.05.16 “Closer” is gaining momentum on various levels such as FM radio both Dance and Pop formats, Music Choice, and much more. Thank you to everyone who is supporting this single.

03.04.16 Out Now! ‘CLOSER – THE REMIXES. Featuring remixes by Mike Rizzo, Jan Areno, Groovecatcher, Craig C + Sinna G and Rob Moore. Available at your favorite digital retailer and streaming radio!

02.18.16 – New Maxi-Single “Closer – The Remixes” now available for pre-order! at iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. On 03.04.16 find it at Beatport, Spotify, Rhapsody and more. And as always, thank you for your support.

01.15.16 New basicLUX release out now! The first in the basicLUX Essentials Series, Winter Chill Essentials, can be found at iTunes, Beatport and more. This compilation features a brand new Madison Park track titled “Don’t Let Go”. Be sure not to miss!

01.01.16 Track “I Don’t Want To Know”, collaboration with UK-based Groovecatcher (found on Another Yesterday CD, Groovecatcher’s Pale Moon EP and more) is included in BBC Introducing Cornwall’s top tracks of 2015. Huge thanks to The David White Show !


12.13.15 Enjoy our version of “Winter Wonderland” and wishing a very happy and safe holiday season to you and yours! Click here to listen: Winter Wonderland

11.28.15 If you’re getting in the mood for cool holiday music -as Christmas is near- check out The Mistletoe Lounge. You’ll find our version of “Winter Wonderland” along with many other reworked classics by artists across the globe. Find The Mistletoe Lounge as well as Holiday Remixed at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon for both physical CD and digital copies, Spotify, Pandora and more.

10.19.15 Be sure to follow Madison Park on Apple Music’s Apple Connect! You’ll find posts with pictures and updates: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/madison-park/id20421993

09.10.15 NEW VIDEO for “Every Single Day” which appears on the most recent album, MIX. Check it out here: “Every Single Day” – Madison Park + Beechkraft

08.02.15 If you want to experience the most simplest way to preview MIX click this YouTube link here: MIX

06.24.15 Check out the new VIDEO REMIX for Lenny B’s Radio Edit of “Parts of Me” by Madison Park + Beechkraft. Enjoy new footage in this black and white version; all shot in Alaska. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuPIhhLQw-s

06.01.15 Tune in to Nexus Radio, formerly known as Fusion Radio, to hear “Closer”. Charting at #7 this week we greatly thank Nexus and their listeners.

05.20.15  Thank you to Earl Watts, Jazzy Lounge and their listeners for making “Closer” by Madison Park + Beechkraft chart at #1!

05.18.15 Sleeping Bag Studios reviews new album MIX. And these kind words are much appreciated. http://sleepingbagstudios.ca/madison-park-beechkraft-mix/

05.05.15  After appearing on the World Chill-Lounge Charts with “Parts of Me” for 21 weeks now (we file that under YAH!) we’d like to present the remix package with remixes from Lenny B, Beechkraft, and DJ Sinna-G. Available on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, more. Click for iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/parts-of-me-the-remixes/id982532086

04.20.15 MIX is now available on Beatport and appears with a featured spot in the Pop/Rock section. Boy are we appreciative of this placement. Be sure to check it out! https://pro.beatport.com/release/mix/1506516

04.03.15 Huge thanks to Sphere Music for the awesome review of new album, MIX. Here’s what they have to say…”The new album by Madison Park will blow fans of electronic dance music away….” Read more here: http://spheremusic.me/2015/03/14/madison-park-is-releasing-a-new-album-titled-mix/

03.31.15 MIX is now available! New Madison Park + Beechkraft brand new album titled MIX can be found at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon for both physical and digital formats, and more. We would love to hear what you think of this new CD! And we thank you eternally for your support.

03.24.15 New album MIX now available for pre-order at iTunes and Amazon. Release date is 03.31.15 and then available everywhere such as Beatport, Juno, eMusic, Spotify, more. MIX can also be found in physical CD format at Amazon. Please be sure to check out MIX! Your support is ginormous!

03.09.15 Still chillin’ on the World Chill-Lounge Charts for 13 weeks now with “Parts of Me” currently at #18. You can check out the chart here: http://tinyurl.com/mu5x73j

03.08.15 It’s been 10 years to the day since the release of the Roxy Re-Modeled CD we executive produced and released thru our label basicLUX Records. This CD included our personal remakes of Roxy Music’s “More Than This” and “Same Old Scene”. “More Than This” appeared on the Billboard Hot/Dance Club Play Chart for many weeks as well as becoming the 2nd-most played dance track on internet radio for six weeks at the time. You can find Roxy ReModeled at all key digital download stores (iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload) … as well as the physical CD at Amazon. Or! You can check out the entire album here at Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/basiclux-records/sets/roxy-re-modeled

02.17.15 “Parts of Me” remains on the World Chill-Lounge Charts for the 10th consecutive week. Thanking you! Dance mixes coming soon from Lenny B, Sinna-G, and Beechkraft. Please stay tuned.

02.15.15 Tune in to BBC Radio Cornwall today to hear “I Don’t Want to Know”.

01.26.15 “Wish You Were Here” as heard on New Sound Theory, Volume 4 charts at #10 on Jazzy Lounge with Earl Watts. Listen here for a quick radio interview snippet behind the making of the track as well as a great mix put together by Earl Watts of Jazzy Lounge. https://www.mixcloud.com/jazzylounge/jazzy-lounge-top-15-01252015/

01.16.15  Great news on latest single as “Parts of Me” charts at number 9 this week on World Chill Lounge Charts. Please find it at iTunes, Amazon or Beatport and more,  if you haven’t already. We deeply appreciate you.

12.20.14 Baxter Labatos of Sphere Music Blog reviews the video for “Parts of Me” read about it here: http://spheremusic.me/2014/12/17/parts-of-me-madison-park-beechkraft-official-video/

12.15.14 A warm thank you to Baxter Labatos of Sphere Music for the feature on the new single, “Parts of Me”. http://spheremusic.me/2014/12/08/madison-park-of-course-you-know-her/

12.09.14 Listen-in for “Parts of Me” featured in tonight’s Musicology show on Audio Graffiti UK at 7pm on audiograffiti.co.uk.

12.09.14 NEW Official Video for “Parts of Me” has now gone live. This is the video we shot in Alaska battling weather conditions, huge bugs, and impending bears. Otherwise, it was great! Click here to viewMadison Park & Beechkraft "Parts of Me"

12.02.14 New SINGLE Madison Park & Beechkraft “Parts of Me” now available! Find it at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and more. And be on the look-out for the new video shot in Alaska in the next few days. Thanks so much for your support!

11.27.14 Shooting new video and album cover in Atlanta today. 12 wardrobe changes. Gotta hustle!

11.04.14 The new album is completed and the mastering date is set for 11.10.14 at SING Mastering. It’s a comin’!

10.07.14 The first single from upcoming album will be released 12.02.14. The video is now a wrap! The track is called “Parts of Me” and we can’t wait to share it with you.

09.05.14 Nearly finished with the edit of this new video! Alaska is beautiful beyond words and it was a great place to shoot. And while we’re in the midst of editing we’ve begun scripting and ward-robing for two additional videos. We’re planning on producing a video for nearly every track on this album. That’s a lot of upcoming videos! And in the meantime, we wish you well and please stay tuned!

08.05.14 This week we head to Alaska where we’re shooting the video for the first single from the upcoming album.

07.22.14 The week of 7.28.14 marks the completion of the new Madison Park album. The official release date will be soon be announced. Thank you for anticipating this CD! This collaboration with Amsterdam-based artist, Beechkraft, has been in the works for a while and is finally coming to an exciting close. xo

06.24.14 Scripting and ward-robing for new video to be shot in the beautiful state of Alaska, next month. The video is for the first Single off of the upcoming MP full-length CD. This will be the fourth full-length album we’ve produced, and while the production of this album has been the most challenging yet, we believe it will all be worth it in the end. xo

4.28.14 Spring has sprung and so has several new projects we have our hands in. Groovecatcher, New Sound Theory radio, other unmentionables, along with the continuous work on the new MP album. Happy & Best Spring Wishes to all.

03.25.14 Check out the New LYRIC Video for “Let’s Dance”! Our remake of this David Bowie classic by Madison Park vs Beechkraft can be heard here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PQqB8gmsjk

02.15.14 We’re nearing the completion of our fourth album. Not sure of release date but once that’s determined, we’ll quickly announce it. Thanks for putting your ears to our music, always…xo

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12.30.13 It’s quickly approaching 2014 and we’re ready! Being in the studio heavily and preparing the launch of various projects for the record label has kept us really busy. So for now, cheers to the new year and we wish you the best year, yet. Happy 2014!

12.12.13 Huge shout-out to every DJ, promoter, radio show, radio station, record pool, digital outlet, distributor, fan, friend and family for the support of “Let’s Dance”. Not an ounce of your support has gone unappreciated. Ever.

11.12.13 – New single has been officially released! “Let’s Dance” -Madison Park vs Beechkraft. Be sure to check it out at your favorite digital store. -Reworking David Bowie’s classic was no easy task! As always, we appreciate your support __ xo

11.03.13 New single coming 11.12.13! And awesome progress towards the fourth MP full-length CD continues.

10.19.13 The new basicLUX Records website has launched. Be sure to register with the new basicLUX site for quarterly e-blasts so you always stay in the know. A lot of exciting things are in the works that you won’t want to miss.

10.04.13 New Madison Park Single is set to release on 11.12.13. The new single is a collaboration with Amsterdam-based producer, Beechkraft, who together we brought forth both “Fascinated” and Billboard charter, “Sunrise”. So please stay tuned.

09.30.13 Soon to launch is the revamped basicLUX Records website. It’s a matter of days away. www.basiclux.net – please subscribe to keep posted on all basicLUX artists and releases.

09.05.13 Our catalog on Spotify has been updated to include *all* Madison Park releases. Thank you for listening to Madison Park on Spotify and all other radio.

09.04.13 Some of you might recall our first advocacy video, “Opus One”, that we produced about factory farming. It was well embraced by various animal organizations and found it’s way to many viewers. We’ve received some of the most thoughtful messages from total strangers about it. In many cases, that person sharing with us how “Opus One” enlightened them to the realities of factory farming, causing them to make certain lifestyle changes. These words are music to our ears. And we know many of you agree! We’ve returned with our second advocacy piece, “I Don’t Want to Know”. The overall message of this piece is compassion. While the facts delivered in the video are astonishing to learn, simple solutions to these issues do exist. And these solutions are also provided here. –We want to do our part to help make change. And we can work towards change together if you watch and share “I Don’t Want to Know”. We greatly thank you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSAhOdSMWUk

08.22.13 In the studio, heavily. Working on loads of material. There’s not much more we should say as everything we’ve been involved with this year has had one major delay after the other. Crazy ’13. But not letting that get us down…! It’s all still rolling forward… And sometimes you just have to roll with it.

06.19.13 Our latest video is a wrap, at last. Really proud of this piece as it delivers my heart in just under four minutes. Please consider watching, thumbs up, sharing, commenting, any and or all of the above -we love you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSAhOdSMWUk

06.01.13 Working on new track with Beechkraft, expecting to have this next Single ready in time for DJ Expo in Atlantic City August 12th. Hope to see a lot of great faces.

05.17.13 Thank you thank you to all who participated in the Phoenix video shoot. Loved every single person involved and can’t thank enough. We’re in the editing suite, working away. Should be ready to share soon. Along with some great music stuff happening’ -it’s full on creative here. Wishing all well and thanks for checking in!

04.21.13 Final prepping for video this week. Shooting in Cave Creek Park, desert area of Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, April 27th. Join us! We’re looking for extras. And MANY thanks to all extras who are on board already! We can’t wait.

03.28.13 The video pre-production is coming along. Very unlike anything we’ve ever done. The shoot is set for April 27th in desert area Cave Creek Park in Phoenix, AZ and we’re looking for extras to be a part of the video. So if interested please reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter!

03.15.13 After returning from Tokyo, we are hard at work on upcoming Madison Park video, set to be shot in Phoenix at the end of April. More details coming soon.

02.08.13 Getting closer to completion of the next MP vs BK production! That would be Madison Park vs Beechkraft. Now wondering if this new track can top our shared 2012 Billboard charter, “Sunrise”. Perhaps? Really feelin’ proud of this one already!

02.04.13 Having great dialogue with Simon Cooper of Groovecatcher (UK-based); making some really nice plans for upcoming releases. Not only is he one of my favorite producers, along with Beechkraft, Simon’s also one of my favorite people. Love when that happens. Makes the experience of creating music together all the more amazing.

01.29.13  Can I please fully adapt to writing the year 2013? After all, it’s 29 days into it… Good news! Working with Beechkraft on yet another new track. This means we have two “in the works” at the moment. We’re both pretty excited about this latest. Keep ya posted ……. !  New blog expected this week, as well. Until then……. Take care of yourself and others, particularly those who can’t care for themselves.

01.21.13 We’ve committed to completing and releasing a full album this year and the determined number of tracks has become 13; so hopefully this body of work will be Lucky 13. It’s been slightly over four years since our last full-length, Another Yesterday. And although we’ve released scores of singles since that latest album, nothing quite competes with delivering a full body of work. A full CD is like an extension of the soul.

01.03.13 Officially announcing our new website launch today. Only segment remaining is the Store page. We owe a massive thanks to interactive media designer and friend, Chris Hays, for the development of our new site. Really excited and hope you enjoy it.

12.17.12 Loads of time spent in the studio over the last couple of weeks. Making progress with some new pieces and that’s always a good feeling. A little house music… a little trance…

12.2.12 We’ve entered December and it’s official, Christmas is here. Perhaps you should nestle up by the fireplace and put our version of “Winter Wonderland” on repeat. Found on The Mistletoe Lounge CD you can listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_jnSHNtrlc

11.25.12 Major studio update with fancy new shiny objects that make really cool sounds.

11.13.12 Working on a lot of new material for upcoming full-length CD. This next full-length will mark album number four. We’ve released quite a few singles in the past couple of years but it’s been a while since releasing a full album. We’re feeling even extra selective of what makes this CD. Can’t wait to see for ourselves!

11.12.12 Appearing on Promo Only’s AAA/Hot AC/Top 40 -“Sunrise” Next Level Radio Edit (Madison Park vs Beechkraft). Thanks Promo Only for being so good to us over the years!

10.28.12 Start listening to Madison Park on “Rdio’” at http://www.rdio.com/#artist/Madison_Park/.

10.22.12 Cordless Radio Germany: Showin’ us some love, we thank you! http://www.cordless-radio.de/.

10.18.12 DJ Sinna-G “The Shaken Not Stirred Mix” Radio Show kickin’ off with “Sunrise” We heart you! podOmatic.com/r/66M7VK.

10.12.12 Awesomenesss: As Whole Foods Markets –Southeast Region are starting to bring in the Holiday Remixed and The Mistletoe Lounge CD’s. So cool to find a new outlet for physical CD’s in this digital world. Find Madison Park’s “Winter Wonderland” and “Holiday Across the World” on these titles.

New NEXT LEVEL MIX “Sunrise” – now available at iTunes and your favorite digital download store.
Must check it out this mix is amazing.

9.16.12 “Sunrise” holds steady this week at #28. Holding steady while also bringing in some nice international radio support, too!

9.12.12 Massive thanks to Klubjumper’s for supporting “Sunrise” Beechkraft’s Beach House Mix http://addictedtoradio.com/in-the-mix-w-strictly-dance-resident-djs/ If you missed their remix of “All About the Groove” a few minutes back, check it out. They kill it!

9.9.12 “Sunrise” has now risen to #28 on Billboard Club/Play Chart. Mad thank you DJ’s!!

9.2.12 Now appearing on the Billboard Club/Play Chart at #37, “Sunrise” Madison Park vs Beechkraft. And boy are we happy about it! Endless thanks to all supporting “Sunrise”. Can’t thank you enough.

8.30.12 Radio Danz adds “Sunrise” to their playlist. Totally awesome station be sure to check ’em out www.radiodanz.com

8.23.12 “Sunrise” Madison Park vs Beechkraft has now entered the Billboard Dance Chart Top 50 at #44. Thank you to all!

8.1.12 Uploaded Next Level Mix “Sunrise” to Youtube of radio edit. Listen and thumbs up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFQYzti0Qfc.

7.20.12 Madison Park’s latest single “Sunrise” (Madison Park vs Beechkraft) has entered the Billboard Dance Chart as #4 Breakout. Many thanks to all supporting “Sunrise”. May it continue to rise!

7.15.12 NEW SOUND THEORY, VOLUME 5: Once again, executive-producing the next volume of New Sound Theory, numero 5! If you have a chilled-out house track, a groovy down-tempo piece that needs and wants to be heard, email your music and artist info to: info@newsoundtheory.com. Thank you!

7.10.12 NEW Madison Park vs Beechkraft SUNRISE – ROUND TWO. Featuring Lenny B, IceLess, Vinny, Knut Throndsen and Numan Paul. Available at your favorite digital download store. (iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Junodownload, and more).

5.14.12 Toco International –Happy to now be working with you!

4.1.12 The winners of the “Sunrise” remix contest hosted by Soundtrack Loops have been announced. We truly appreciate each entry; it’s the toughest contest we’ve had to judge, yet. Each remix brought something extra special to the track as there’s a remarkable amount of talent out there. Can’t thank each of you enough for being a part. Click here for winners: http://soundtrackloops.com/madison-park-remix-contest/.




3.15.12 Thank you to Starfleet Music Pool for this incredible support: http://bit.ly/UEmJfD.

3.2.12 “Sunrise” (Madison Park vs Beechkraft) continues to… rise! Thanks to Brad LeBeau and ProMotion Lift working with the coolest DJ’s, record pools, and radio hosts. Charting in 16 record pools nationwide and a variety of radio stations… We appreciate the support – every last bit of it!

2.20.12 “Sunrise” has entered Starfleet Record Pool at #24.

2.15.12 Thanks, MassPool Digital! Madison Park appearing in the Top 50 with “Sunrise”: http://www.masspoolmp3.com/chart/top50.

2.12.12 Madison Park Remix contest for “Sunrise” thru Soundtrack Loops has launched and remixes are pouring in. Really cool. Contest ends 3.1.12 — remixers and producers don’t miss it! http://soundtrackloops.com/madison-park-remix-contest/, also seen here at Sonic State:http://www.sonicstate.com/news/2012/02/01/remix-contest/ Big thank you to Soundtrack Loops at Sonic State!

2.2.12 Upcoming: Soundtrack Loops Remix Contest of “Sunrise”. Stay tuned for details, all remixers and producers!

1.27.12 Official Video for “Sunrise” launches today give it a view! http://youtu.be/0SOlDCbh6ZI.

1.12.12 Hello Rdio! http://www.rdio.com/#artist/Madison_Park/album/Sunrise/.

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12.13.11 NEW Single “Sunrise” Streets today. Madison Park vs Beechkraft. See iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno Download and more…

12.1.11 – Nearing the release date of upcoming single “Sunrise“, new Madison Park collaboration with Amsterdam-based, Beechkraft. Can’t wait to share it with you! Release date is 12.13.11. Shooting video for “Sunrise” on 12.10.11 so please be on the look-out.

11.24.11 – Evergreen CD’s The Mistletoe Lounge and Holiday Remixed should be resurfacing in your playa soon! We had a great time producing these compilations and creating our own contributions to the CD’s in the hot months of April and May a few years back;) If you don’t know them, check ’em out. Madison Park tracks are both “Winter Wonderland” where we collaborated with Lenny B, and our original piece “Holiday Across the World.”

10.03.11 Many thanks to all the DJ’s and radio hosts who are showing love to current Single, “Fascinated”!

9.13.11 New Madison Park CD Single: Madison Park vs Beechkraft “Fascinated” streets today. Find it on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, junodownload, eMusic, and more…

7.24.11 Upcoming Single, “Fascinated” is set to release September 13th. “Fascinated” is a Madison Park collaboration with Amsterdam-based, Beechkraft.

5.1.11 In the studio with Amsterdam-based, Beechkraft. Wait for it!

3.20.11Thank You!” to all of the fabulous DJ’s and radio hosts who have been supporting “I Stumble, Fall” and to each fan who has downloaded this single. Without you, there’s no place for us.

3.15.11 Interview with Maggie Della-Rocco of Venter Out Magazine here: http://tinyurl.com/4bkh8vp.

2.1.11 Beechkraft Radio Edit of Madison Park “I Stumble, Fall” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt1CgNQDXng.

1.19.11 New Video Remix of “I Stumble, Fall” Mike Bordes mix. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI7UuciLil0.

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1.10.10 BPM Buzz features “I Stumble, Fall” – thank you, Buzz! You can read about it here: http://www.bpmbuzz.com/?p=67.

1.01.11We love “Women’s Radio” www.radiomen.com And we also love and appreciate what they had to say about our latest single, “I Stumble, Fall”… “If your last name is ‘Cool,’ you’re automatically grandfathered into our musical scope. No lies, realtalk right here. James and DeAnna Cool aka Madison Park have done it again… created a blissful pop/electronica single to rival their entire back catalogue! Read more here: http://bit.ly/gjB0eg.

12.24.10 Starfleet Record Pool Rocks – We thank them profusely for their endless support: Vote here for “I Stumble, Fall” if you like! http://bit.ly/hUmKzd.

12.11.10New Video “I Stumble, Fall” – give it a viewing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPc-I4X60Rg.

11.30.10“I Stumble, Fall / The Remixes” has now hit the streets. Remixes include Mike Bordes and DJ JST, as well as an extended club mix geared for fabulous DJ’s and radio hosts. It can be found at the standard music sites. Thanks for tuning in!

11.09.10Our new single, “I Stumble, Fall” was released today. You can find it at your favorite download store… iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, eMusic, etc, etc! As always, we are humbled by your support.

11.05.10 – First day of shoot for “I Stumble, Fall” Video. Can’t wait to work with stylist Mara of Maraz, David Rams of David Rams Photography and Cool New Media. Cool things planned and just hope they come off accordingly!

10.24.10 Be on the look-out for our upcoming single “I Stumble, Fall” November 9, 2010. We will love you super-extra-hard if you download it the “day of release.” You can find it at your standard musical retailers, i.e. iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, etc. This release includes the original track and an extended mix. Remixes soon to follow (nov 30) by Mike Bordes and DJ JST!

9.15.10 We can now safely announce that our new single will be released November 9, 2010. We’re really excited about it and we’ll post a reminder once it’s available for download! As for the moment… back in the studio we go —

8.1.10 It’s official… Madison Park’s side project which has been a labor of love: SoyGo (travel-size, vegan creamer) becomes commercially available through indie natural food distributor, UNFI, on the west coast. Check it out both in stores and on-line (soygo.com).

7.1.10 Wow, it’s been one challenge after the other to access our website for regular updates… The drama never ends! However, we are back to say — spending time in the studio for a while now. Our next single will release early fall so please, stay tuned. Btw: We hope all is well in your world.

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12.31.09 Many thanks to The Recording Academy – Atlanta Chapter. During these past two years my service on the board has been an exciting and informative experience. The Recording Academy, known as NARAS, and to most as The Grammy’s, is essential to the success of music industry professionals. I strongly encourage all of those in the industry to take advantage of being a part. Join NARAS.

11.26.09 Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends. It’s time to bring out that holiday music! Don’t forget about “Holiday Across the World” and our “Winter Wonderland” remake. Both are available on CD in stores and on-line. (See titles Holiday Remixed and The Mistletoe Lounge). Holiday Cheers to you and yours!

10.05.09 You can hear us on ABC’s hit show “Castle” tonight at 10pm. Listen for “My Personal Moon” (the disco-house mix).

9.16.09 New Maxi-Single Hits Stores Today: “Another Yesterday :: The Remixes Round Two” A hot new set of remixes from awesome producers: Sandro Porres, Raving Donkey & Lthrboots are out now! Each remix provides a whole new spin on our current single which is currently feelin’ the luv in clubs and radio.

7.21.09 Madison Park releases brand new maxi-single “Another Yesterday :: The Remixes” You’ll find remixes by amazingly talented producers such as Beechkraft, Rob Kiraly, DJ Costantino, Danny Houghton, and a bonus track of DJ Costantino’s remix of “I Don’t Want to Know” (Madison Park w/GXR) available on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon mp3, and basically most of your favorite digital download stores.

7.20.09 Brand new Madison Park video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9f2YnDM4eI.

5.9.09 Peace Love Productions/Acid Remix Contest Winners Announced! First Place: Beechkraft 2nd Place: Rob Kiraly 3rd Place: Tie between DJ Costantino & Danny Houghton Runners up: Lthrboots & Raving Donkey. Big thanks to all who participated!! We thoroughly enjoyed it and greatly appreciate your support.

3.5.09 Check out the Madison Park Photo Shoot for Another Yesterday CD Cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EjW0tW3-ZY.

2.11.09 Elektro Addict reviews Another Yesterday CD here: “Madison Park’s DeAnna and James Cool know something that confounds most other dance music producers on the scene today… http://www.elektroaddict.com/reviews/2009/2/11/madison-park-another-yesterday-free-mp3-download.html.

2.07.09 AntiMusic singles-out Madison Park to explain meaning behind title track, “Another Yesterday: http://www.antimusic.com/news/09/feb/05Singled_Out-_Madison_Park.shtml.

2.5.09 Beatcrave Magazine reviews Another Yesterday CD “The new “in” music right now is, without a doubt Madison Park’s new hit album Another Yesterday” http://beatcrave.com/2009-02-05/finally-club-music-meets-excellent-vocals-with-madison-park/.

1.16.09 Calling all DJ’s and producers… Be a part of PLP’s Madison Park Remix Contest! Click here for details: http://www.peaceloveproductions.com/Madison_Park_Remix_Contest.html

1.15.09 About.com reviews Another Yesterday CD. “Great production not withstanding, the “feel” of Madison Park is, at least to me, upliftingly romantic and yet at times contains a tinge of melancholy…” For more of the review by Jimi Bruce click here: http://dancemusic.about.com/od/reviews/fr/Madison_Park_-_Another_Yesterday.htm.

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12.09.08 River Cities Reader Review: Madison Park – “Another Yesterday (BasicLUX Records) slipping in the perfect space between Everything but the Girl and a DJ crateful of singles from Fashion and Spandau Ballet, the club-royalty duo of DeAnna and James Cool return with an album that fuses flamenco guitar with the iciest of uptown beats.” – rcreader 

12.09.08 Atlas, Madison Park releases album number three, Another Yesterday. In stores and on-line for music lovers everywhere.

12.02.08 Madison Park’s side-project of passion “SoyGo — a travel-sized soy creamer” is now available. Today was first day of production. Yah! Calling all vegans, vegetarians, and simply health-minded inviduals: Check out: http://www.savingopusone.com/store.html.

11.18.08 First single to be released from upcoming album titled “Come Out And Play” hits streets today. See Amazon, iTunes, Beatport and more.

10.15.2008 New Madison Park video: “Come Out And Play” Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38A0k4treUU.

8.15.08 Madison Park is in the studio finalizing the details of album number three. New album is set to release end of year, 2008.

5.27.08 Madison Park appearing on Sex And The City movie soundtrack. Madison Park teams up with Lenny B to remix Nina Simone’s “The Love Of Love” for Sony Legacy. The track will now appear in one of the most anticipated movies of the year. SATC appears in theatres on May 27th, 2008.

4.25.08 “In A Trance” releases on April 29, 2008. This EP is a Special Collection of Trance mixes of each Billboard Dance hit the duo has shared. Several tracks on the EP have never been released. Don’t miss it!

2.06.08 The latest M-P Single “All About The Groove” continues to climb DJ and record pool charts. Thank you to all stations and DJ’s supporting the track! Like all M-P releases, the new remixes of “All About The Groove” are available on all digital sites such as iTunes, Amazon mp3, Beatport and more…



1.31.08 Madison Park’s “Opus One” Video which speaks out against Factory Farming (intensive animal suffering at the hands of massive meat and dairy greed-centered industry heads) reaches over 100,000 views on You Tube. Many M-P myspace friends have reposted the video on their personal myspace pages to help spread the message.

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12.9.07 AMC (American Movie Channel) uses Madison Park’s “Holiday Across the World” for commercial promo, Under The Mistletoe. The promo runs for several weeks beginning early December announcing their Sunday Movie Marathon.

11.27.07 Airing Tonight: Nip/Tuck uses Madison Park’s remix of Billie Holiday’s “I’m Gonna Lock My Heart.” The remix will be used in the closing scene. A big thank you to Nip/Tuck and Sony Legacy.

1.07.07 Madison Park releases new Single “All About the Groove”. Groove is a collaboration with Singapore-based, Paul T. The Single is available at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Beatport and more.

9.01.07 Madison Park’s interview with Remix Magazine. Madison Park gets interviewed by Remix for remixing Billie Holiday’s “I’m Gonna Lock My Heart” on Sony Legacy’s Billie Holiday Remixed and Reimagined CD that hit streets August 9th, 2007. See review here: http://www.remixmag-digital.com/remixmag/sample/?pg=52.

8.31.07 Our friends at Humane Society of United States incorporated “Opus One” video on abolishing Factory Farming into their campaign against Wendy’s. The video is receiving a lot of support and one woman in particular emailed the Humane Society saying that due to the video, her entire family stopped eating meat, including their 8 year old son. LOVE it!

8.21.07 Madison Park releases four remixes of upcoming Single “All About the Groove” (Madison Park vs Paul T) on Beatport, exclusively. The Single will be available nationwide on October 9th, 2007. For now, visit www.beatport.com.

7.31.07 Brand New Madison Park Video for “One Day”! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0TcJJcWxGs.

6.09.07 Foot Locker stores and Lady Footlocker stores across the U.S. are playing the “Ocean Drive” video for the months of May and June. Big thank you to Import Sound and Vision.

6.08.07 CT Lasers of Connecticut is putting Madison Park’s name up in lights over the city of New Haven for the month of June! Big thanks ctlasers.com!

6.02.07 The Humane Society of United States posts “Opus One” video on their myspace page. Check out the reaction by clicking here: http://tinyurl.com/yq3c5r.

5.29.07 Madison Park’s latest Single “One Day” goes to #1 on Chicago’s DJ Darryl “Awesome” Owens chart. The single is charting both nationally and internationally.

5.15.07 Madison Park wraps up the production of “Opus One” video about the realities of animals raised in factory farms. Check it out at the Listen page. “Opus One” appears on the first Madison Park album, Boutique.

5.15.07 Madison Park produces fourth volume of the label’s New Sound Theory series. Volume 4 is sponsored by Tiger Beer of Anheuser-Busch. Listen for two Madison Park tracks on the album, one of which is brand new titled “Wish You Were Here”.

4.20.07 Check Madison Park’s calendar for live show dates at Sunfest ’07, West Palm Beach Florida. Sunfest is Florida’s largest music festival.

4.10.07 Madison Park releases NEW Maxi-Single “One Day” featuring remixes by Mike Rizzo, Lenny B, GXR, and Peter Haze. It’s available at most digital outlets such as iTunes, Beatport, and more as well as most record retailers.

3.23.07 Check Madison Park’s calendar for live shows at Winter Music Conference ’07 dates, for March 23 and 24th. Performances include two shows at The DELANO, South Beach.

1.23.07 Check Madison Park’s calendar for live shows in Boston and Providence! S/O to Bill Friar Entertainment


1.05.07 “I’m Listening” Piano Mix achieves “Lounge World’s” Top Pix of ’06 coming in at #10. Here’s what Lounge World had to say about the track “We’re suckers for the new disco – and this is the best! DeAnna Cool’s voice and the piano vibe clearly make this a “must hear” for skeptics.”

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12.27.06 “I’m Listening” (Lenny B’s radio edit) achieves #15 on Top 100 for 2006 on Chicago’s Fusion Radio. Read here: http://news.fusionchicago.com/articles/templates/?a=41&z=4.

11.27.06 Madison Park interview with Sonya Rehman, Assistant Editor Dailytimes in Lahore, Pakistan. Sonya says“Fresh, new and talented Madison Park is making waves across the charts” Read here: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/sunday/default.aspx?c=rhythm_divine.htm.

10.24.06 Madison Park with Lenny B remix the legendary Nina Simone’s “The Look of Love” appearing on Nina Simone: ‘Remixed & Reimagined’ released on Sony Legacy. The CD hits street October 24th, 2006.

9.29.06 Live interview-chat at 3:30 pm with “Capn” Chris Hill of Rhythm96 http://www.rhythm96.com/ — major thanks for all the love “Capn” Chris Hill!

9.19.06 Phone interview with DJ Corz of Corz Radio www.corzradio.com at 7pm — big thanks to DJ Corz & DJ VAHITMAN for the support! and big thanks to Bill Friar of Bill Friar Entertainment for arranging the interview!

9.19.06 Dance Music About www.dancemusic.about.com gives In the Stars “4” Stars. Read about it here: http://tinyurl.com/pdbca.

9.14.06 “I’m Listening” video moves up to #12 on Top 20 for BPM TV Canada.

9.02.06 San Francisco Bay Times CD Review — “Ethereal and seductive Madison Park serve up sensual and dreamy numbers that easily translate from the dancefloor to the bedroom and back for a full interlude of aural delights. The second album from the married couple is highly stylized and sophisticated and is many folks’ radar for their cover of Roxy’s “More Than This” which has been chart creeping and lurking on a few soundtracks . My picks: “All About The Groove,” “In The Stars,” “When Alive Is Alive,” “Other Way Around” and “Breathe.”” — San Franciso Bay Times

8.20.06 “Madison Park! OMG, where did this fantastic pop group come from?” — Media Domain

8.18.06 “With rich electronic tapestries and vocals so sweet you can almost taste Tracy Thorne of EBTG … comes Madison Park’s In the Stars. The verdict? Stars in the making. ” — HX Magazine

8.12.06 Umix Review (partial) by Brandon Sutton of In the Stars Madison Park’s latest offering, In The Stars is a reminder of why I am so passionate about music. The first time I listened to the album, I was beside the pool on a sweltering summer day, but nothing could have been more relaxing. It was as if I was transported to another place for an hour.”

8.09.06 Madison Park (partial) review San Francisco Spectrum / August 3, 2006 “Ethereal and seductive Madison Park serve up sensual and dreamy numbers that easily translate from the dancefloor to the bedroom and back for a full interlude of aural delights…”

7.20.06 “I’m Listening” Video chosen as Hot 3 video picks of the week BPMTV Canada click here: http://www.bpmtv.com/music_videos.php.

7.19.06 Madison Park interview by Arjan Timmermans in QVegas July Issue click here: http://www.qvegas.com/PDfs/QVegas_July2006.pdf.


7.14.06 BPM Magazine reviews Madison Park’s In the Stars click here: http://www.djmixed.com/djmixed/reviews/review.cfm?Article_ID=3716.

7.05.06 Dancemusic.about.com reviews the first Single “I’m Listening” from Madison Park’s sophomore album In the Stars — click here: http://dancemusic.about.com/od/conference/a/BBDMS2k6.htm?nl=1.

7.2.06 The Celebrity Cafe review: http://thecelebritycafe.com/cd/full_review/12077.html.

6.20.06 LOGO TV’s NewNowNext: http://logo.blogs.com/new_now_next/2006/06/new_music_overl.html.

6.20.06 Arjan Writes: http://www.arjanwrites.com./

6.20.06 Towle Road: http://www.towleroad.com/towleroad/2006/06/governor_arnold.html.

6.14.06 Madison Park has a chance to speak out for farm animals in Pop Matters, an international magazine of cultural criticism. Click here for column: http://www.popmatters.com/features/mft/madison-park-060614.shtml.

6.08.06 Madison Park current single “I’m Listening” reaches #25 on Billboard Dance chart, issue date June 24, 2006.

5.26.06 “I’m Listening” currently appears at #29 on Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play chart.

5.22.06 “I’m Listening” appears at #36 Billboard Dance chart and enters the DMA Chart at #24.

5.6.06 “I”m Listening” climbs Billboard Dance chart eight spots to #38, Issue Date May 20th, 2006.

5.1.06 “I’m Listening” enters Billboard Dance chart at #46 Issue Date May 13th, 2006.

4.11.06 “I’m Listening” hits stores and on-line (Tower, Virgin, various Indie stores, Amazon, CD Universe, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, MusicMatch, Beatport and more…)

4.7.06 Madison Park new Single “I’m Listening” makes #3 breakout track on National Billboard’s Dance chart.

2.07.06 Madison Park just wrapped up the video for their upcoming CD Maxi-Single “I’m Listening”. The CD Single which contains the bonus video will be in stores and on-line April 11th.

1.01.06 To all of the amazing people who have reached out to us during 2005 — Your thoughtful words brightened our day each and every time and we wish you an absolutely fantastic 2006! May everything you hope for this New Year come your way, Happy New Year!

1.01.06 “Free” from Boutique makes Ireland’s 100 Top Songs in Dance at #96:http://www.absolutely.net/music/ireland_top_songs_in_dance10.html – A big thanks to our friends in Ireland!

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12.27.05More Than This” is #63 on The Top 100 Dance Hits of 2005 on Fusion Chicago. Thank you Fusion Radio Chicago and all of your listeners! www.fusionchicago.com.

11.22. 05 Madison Park’s spin on the holiday classic “Winter Wonderland” exclusively available at iTunes.

10.24.05 If you happen to be in Atlanta for the last week in October listen for radio commercials on various stations for the grand-opening of Atlantic Station featuring Madison Park’s disco-house version of “My Personal Moon.”

8.1.05 You can now find Madison Park’s “More Than This” video and song “Ocean Drive” on Sony’s new PSP PlayStation Portable.

07.12.05 Appearing as the second most dance track played on internet radio play for multiple weeks (radiowavemonitor reports) and hitting #21 for All Genres internet radio, “More Than This” continues to chart on C-89.5 Seattle’s Hottest Music Top 30, Jenny Costa’s show WKTU, Dan Miller’s DDK Crossover Chart, Richard J. Dalton’s playlist for The Dance Station, Mak Radio, Fusion Chicago, Pulse Channel, Tunzradio, Don Armano for Sirius, ClubNet Radio, WMPH, Randy Schlager’s DMX, more…

06.28.05 Jimi Bruce of dancemusic.about.com talks about Madison Park and “Roxy Re-Modeled”: http://dancemusic.about.com/od/reviews/fr/RoxyRemodeled.htm.

06.21.05 Madison Park’s version of “More Than This” appears on Centaur’s “Party Groove: Pride ’05” CD. In stores June 21st!

06.07.05 “More Than This” is part of iTunes Essentials “Gay Pride Month” Release Date: June 7, 2005.

06.01.05 Click here to read the recent Piedmont Review article on Madison Park, their label’s most recent project, “Roxy Re-Modeled”, and more (Adobe Acrobat required).

05.13.05 Billboard Hit Single “More Than This” moves up to #30 on Billboard’s Dance chart and also appears on Billboard’s Dance Single Sales chart.

4.22.05 Madison Park’s remake of “More Than This” achieves *Hot Shot Debut* on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Club Play Chart entering at #41. The following week it moves up to #38 with a bullet.

03.29.05 Madison Park’s “Ocean Drive” (Lenny B’s Extended Mix) appears on Water Music’s “Ultimate Dance Remixed” CD. In stores March 29th!

3.15.05 NEW VIDEO! Madison Park wraps up the video for “More Than This”. Beginning April, “More Than This” will be seen in various retail, club and restaurants through services such as Promo Only, Rock America and Screenplay. You can also find the video on iTunes, The One Network, and more…Click link to view video: http://www.basiclux.com/morethanthis.html.

2.19.05 Chain D.L.K Review of “Boutique” “…Madison Park know what it means to flirt with a commercially viable approach while keeping their heart in uncompromised electronic music territory.” Click here for full review by Mark, The Memory Man, Urselli-Schaerer.

2.14.05 BPM Magazine Review of “Ocean Drive” “If you are a fan of Tracy Thorn then this cut will certainly rub you the right way. The standout mixes include the West Coast Mix for those who like it deep and smooth with a little sex appeal and the Extended Club Mix by Lenny B, which has more of a big room vibe. This is good upfront house cut with just enough pop sensibility to create those essential dance floor hooks.”

Upcoming release! “Roxy Re-Modeled” Madison Park, along with a number of downtempo, nu jazz and dance artists from their label’s roster (BasicLUX) each remade their favorite Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry track(s). You’ll find 13 brand new versions of amazing Roxy classics. Madison Park collaborated with Soulrider on “Same Old Scene” and then collaborated with Lenny B on “More Than This.” Click here to learn more about the project. “Roxy Re-Modeled” hits street March 8th!

1.18.05 Madison Park achieves the Top 170 of 2004 at #77. Top 170 Club Chart – 2004 Year End Compiled from a panel of DJs from across the United States.Click here to view.

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12.15 04 Los Angeles TV Commercial Spot featuring “Breathe” by Madison Park w/Paul T. www.basiclux.com/Glendale.html.

12.08.04 Arjan Writes “Boutique” is a mix of sophisticated house beats and sleek pop tunes … Check out full review.

11.22.04 Madison Park wraps up the Video for “Ocean Drive” — Check it out here: http://www.basiclux.com/OceanDrive.html (West Coast Mix), http://www.basiclux.com/OceanDriveClubMix.html (Club Mix).

11.10.04 dancemusic.about.com “If deep and hypnotic sounds delicious to you, come to this house hungry!” Click here for complete review.

BILLBOARD CHARTING LOG of “Ocean Drive” Maxi-single:

11.05.04 “Ocean Drive” moves up to #12 on Billboard’s Dance Chart. November 20th Issue.

10.29.04 “Ocean Drive” moves up to #16 with a bullet on Billboard’s Dance Chart. November 13th Issue.

10.22.04 “Ocean Drive” moves up to #21 with a bullet on Billboard’s Dance Chart. November 6th Issue.

10.15.04 “Ocean Drive” moves up the charts to #24 with a bullet on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play / October 30th Issue.

10.8.04 M-P’s “Ocean Drive” moves up to #27 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play / October 23rd Issue.

10.1.04 M-P’s “Ocean Drive” moves up to #30 Billboard Dance Chart / October 16th issue.

9.24.04 Madison Park single”Ocean Drive”moves up Billboard’s Club Chart to #37. Appears in October 9th issue.

9.17.04 “Ocean Drive” on Billboard’s Club Chart as *Hot Shot Debut* this week at #41 Billboard’s Club Chart. Appears in October 2nd issue.

9.14.04 Madison Park’s “My Personal Moon” (the Source’s Trance by the Moon Mix) appears on Water Music’s “Trance Divas” CD. In Stores Sept. 14th!

More News and Press:

Awesome DJ Productions … this single has topped the R&B, AC and Reggae charts. … Single Of The Week “Ocean Drive.”

MADISON PARK September 6, 2004 – September 13, 2004. Reviewed by DJ … Click here for the review.

9.1.04 While DMA Magazine is no longer in publication, its reporters continue to chart records. This chart is provided to Disc Jockey 101 courtesy of the DJ’s that maintain the tradition established by DMA Magazine. It is updated every two weeks. Click here to view.

8.28.04 Shipped from Pro-Motion Lift, August 16, “Ocean Drive” single debuts on Billboard’s Club Breakout Chart at #5.

Straight out of the Import vault at Pro Motion comes the latest project from Madison Park called “Ocean Drive” (basicLUX). If “Sanctuary” works well for you then drop the needle on this one and crank it up! An excellent full-vocal piece that’s guaranteed to take your audience on a lyrical journey. Although Lenny B hits it, I’m personally feeling ‘Wilson’s KuchMuch Mix’. Want more? Then waste no time and get with Brad or David at 212-974-9800… Joel Furness, FMQB.

madison park, James and DeAnna Cool, will appear on WCLK 91.9 FM in Atlanta with Jamal on Friday, May 11th at 9:30 p.m. to talk about the”boutique”CD, New Sound Theory, Vol 3, their upcoming “Ocean Drive” single and the upcoming release party at The Mark.

madison park appears on WECS 90.1 in Connecticut with JFord on July 13th. http://www.easternct.edu/depts/wecs/.

MADISON PARK –> Charts (Paul Reitz, 05/12/2004) The Madison Park single “My Personal Moon” (Warlock/BasicLux) has entered the Billboard Dance Singles chart at #47. “My Personal Moon” is taken from the Madison Park album “Boutique”(BL9203). The four key markets for this single were New York, Atlanta, SF and LA.

MADISON PARK –> Charts (Paul Reitz, 03/18/2004) CMJ RPM chart. Please be advised that the Madison Park release”Boutique” (BasicLux/Topaz) in it’s first week is the #1 most added title this week on the CMJ RPM chart.There were 52 stations that added this record, in spite of being a Spring Break week with WMC and M3 happening. This will be relected in CMJ issue #858 (March 29 cover date) “Boutique” streets on March 23.

BPM Magazine Issue #54 06.01.04 “Ranging from hooky downtempo to sexy house. Solid production, a nice variety of tempos and the Tracey Thorn-ish vocal stylings of DeAnna Cool makes Boutique an excellent companion for your next cocktail party.”

San Francisco Examiner 05.19.04 “Madison Park is the brainchild of James and DeAnna Cool, the husband and wife team behind house/lounge imprint BasicLux Records. For their debut full-length, the Cools invite dance- floor types to take it down just a notch and luxuriate in sensual, uber-stylish chilled house grooves.”

dancemusic.about.com 06.18.04 “From the first bassline, one can immediately discern that they are in for a seductive sonic treat compliments of Madison Park. Musically, Madison Park falls somewhere between the sexy, alluring deepness of NYC’s premiere house label, Naked Music, with a the pop sensibilities of Kylie Minogue, Everything But The Girl.”

Tentaciones Magazine May Issue review …“Boutique” stands out for its colorful and brilliant music. In fact, “Boutique” is a type of auditory addiction, because once you listen to it, you’ll find out it’s very difficult to put down. An aphrodisiac? Hallucinating? Hypnotizing? Yes, yes and totally yes… Check back for full review available week of May 10, 2004.

DAVID Atlanta, issue 287, April 14, 2004 — 2 pages, separate links to view full review. DAVID Atlanta, review continued…

“Like a fresh cup of hot coffee it will wake up the people that are open to great music.” For full review click here: Awesome D.J.Productions / review

“A bright modern techno pop album with well crafted up beat tracks that appeal to all ages, of modern dance, house and up tempo vocal track artist fans world-wide.” — The Record Pool.

“With one foot in the lounge and the other on the dance floor. It keeps you coming back” — ATL Magazine — click here for full review: http://www.newsoundtheory.com/IMAGES/ATL_MPReview.jpg.

Lucrid / Fear of the Future. “This CD reminds me of Tiesto’s Nyana CD in that theoretically I shouldn’t like it and yet I find it irresistible. Only instead of cheesy trance we have girlie house. Poppy, catchy tunes with a bumping sound and sophisticated production.”

WHERE / Atlanta, May ’04 “Next time you’re in a boutique, stop and listen. Chances are the music that has you dancing from rack to rack is none other than Madison Park. Created by Atlantan’s DeAnna and James Cool, Madison Park’s sound is “house-pop” and the duo’s latest release “boutique” can be found at a variety of boutiques and record stores.”

madison park charts at #1 with “My Personal Moon” for second week, 4.10.04 — Palm Beach’s DJ/Producer “Junior Butler” of Mix Matters.

03.03.04 madison park begins working with New York’s music promoter, Brad Lebeau, of Pro Motion-Lift / A Brad LeBeau Company.

Top40 List of Electronica College Airplay – CMJ RPM charts shows madison park’s “boutique” moves up from #26 to #21, Issue #863, Date May 10, 2004.

TOP40 List of Electronica College Airplay – CMJ RPM chart shows madison park’s “boutique” moves up from #36 to #26. Issue #862, Date May 3, 2004.

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