Bands Who Inspire and When to Glow

Several years ago I realized how very few bands or musicians have inspired me. But at the same time, I realized that those who did, inspired me greatly. I could name on one hand the few musical inspirations I’ve had, namely Tracey Thorn, Kate Bush, and Roxy Music. And while it’s few in numbers, the amount of time I could spend speaking to the various ways each of these have impacted me is a lot.
Tracey Thorn and Roxy Music have both shown up in my work. I say Tracey Thorn as I have actively been compared to her. It feels weird to write that, because she is a musical icon to me, but when I’ve read reviews or mentions where the listener has compared my voice to hers, fair to Tracey or not, I glow. Not gloat. But glow.
Roxy Music has affected my work in several ways such as striving to be conscience of my lyrics, to avoid writing lines too straight forward, yet they still have to resonate with the listener. This isn’t possible with all of my work, but at least quite a bit. And their sense of fashion it’s cool, but sophisticated.
Roxy Music is considered one of the single most influential bands of all times. We executive produced an album called Roxy Remodeled which contains reworks of various Roxy tracks by artists around the globe and released it thru our label, basicLUX Records. The track we chose to remake was “More Than This” – a collaboration with Lenny B and super proud to say it became a Billboard Dance hit for quite a few weeks. When Roxy Music’s manager himself reached out to tell us how much he liked the album, I glowed again. And most humbly speaking.
And as for Kate Bush, her voice, her songs, while I may not emulate them on any level, they inspire me to truly appreciate music, and to create music of my own. Regardless of my mood, once I start listening to Kate Bush, I get so lost in the moment that all I want to do is sing, and write.
And that is when I glow the most.

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  1. Von

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Bands Who Inspire and When to Glow – Madison Park, thanks for the good read!
    — Von

  2. Mark

    No wonder I love you guys! Two of the three people/bands you name above I really dig as well. Tracey and Kate! But there is definitely something about Tracey’s voice that makes me feel all warm inside! Not to say that you’re a slouch by any means DeAnna! I’ve always gotten a Madonnaish vibe from your voice DeAnna but better in my opinion! And Kate, I’ve dug her since the 80’s (showing my age). I’ll have to explore Roxy a bit more, always nice to discover new (to me) old music. All I have to say is keep up the GREAT WORK! Your music puts the movement in my feet! With Tracey I like to sit in my EZ chair and just melt into it. I do always start that way with you guys but I always end up on my feet by the end of your recordings! EBTG does the same for me as well, at least the newer stuff anyway. Again, keep up the great work! And thank you for stirring my emotions!

    • admin

      Thanks so much, Mark! We really appreciate you taking the time to share with us. It’s very cool to learn how our music affects you. Your support means everything! -mp-

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