Being Mindful


Being Mindful.

Mindful is a word that I only started hearing in the last year or so and since then I feel like I hear it several times a day. Maybe it’s become the thing to be “mindful”. Or maybe it’s just the fact that once you become familiar with something it seems to find you everywhere. I definitely wasn’t operating in circles that mindfulness was a concern. My way has always been fast-paced, long daily agendas, and always on the move. And then I discovered, we are supposed to be mindful. At least once, at some point, during each day. But for fast moving people that isn’t necessarily easy. So what I decided is, there are many ways that you can be mindful. Not just meditating or doing yoga but finding something that works for you is what’s most important. So you’ll actually do it…
Mindful means, by definition, focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, especially as therapeutic. And as I just explained that some feel they can’t excel at yoga or meditating, I created a list of ways I feel you can be mindful aside from the traditional. Reaching beyond the standard ideas. I also think it’s important to not just ‘do the activity’ but to also connect it with the fact that you’re having your ‘mindful time of the day’. That will give mindfulness a real acknowledgement both mentally and physically. And just to humor myself, at the end of this blog I’m going to sum total how many times I’ve used the word mindful. And there we go again.

Ways to be mindful:
Sitting in silence with a tea or hot lemon water, maybe rose nectar (that’s my choice) for 10, 15 minutes, or more if you have the time. It’s amazing how calming this time can be for the nervous system. And for some reason having something warm really helps me, in particular.
Taking a walk thru the neighborhood or park. Safely, please. That’s my first thought as I’m a bit of a Crime Junkie. Love that podcast, btw! And speaking of podcasts, leave the air pods behind. This isn’t a time for music or a podcast, but a time to be with your thoughts.
Meditating or praying. Some people firmly believe all thoughts need to leave the mind to be able to meditate, and simply focus on your breath. I can’t sort out how to properly meditate and I have really tried. Like most people, my brain bounces from one thing to the next. A hundred thoughts per minute, it feels. So meditating is impressive, just hard.
Tending to plants. OK…. plants are cool. I have soooo many both inside and outside. Don’t forget they clean the air in your home. And I find taking care of them to be really calming. During a grounds tour at The Ghetty Museum in Los Angeles the tour guide mentioned how she believes that plants like to be touched. So I literally pet mine, ha. But they are happy plants so something is working! In fact, my rose bush just bloomed and that makes me proud. I may even share a picture of her. She can be the featured pic to this blog, perhaps.
Hiking. Being in nature is a real plus. Just wear sunscreen and proper oils that keep bugs away.
And if you’re in the city, finding a park is perfect. Now sit, and chill.
Listening to music, and I’m suggesting instrumental, chill out music. Remember, you’re trying to escape into your own world. Not someone else’s. So you don’t want lyrics putting ideas into your head. You want to be calm and focus on breathing…
Journaling … I would say writing music but for me personally my mind is very charged when I ‘m writing lyrics so that isn’t a method for me. But playing an instrument without any real objective in mind is a real option.

If you firmly believe you have to meditate to be mindful, that’s fine. But what I’ve seen is people giving up on the idea simply because they can’t achieve having zero thoughts running thru their mind and simply focusing on their breathe. That can be something to work towards, for sure. As it sounds super beneficial. But considering these other ideas are an option, as well. A great place to start, indeed! 13 times 🙂 Anyone else count 13?

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