The Variety of Intentions


I like to write. Some might think that’s obvious, that a music artist likes to write. But I don’t limit enjoying writing to music. I have written two novels. Started a third. And I wrote these because I enjoy it. I have no plans of getting them published. We have a music publisher. And that’s the only type of publisher I expect to have. Sounds so defeating. But it’s not. The first novel was cathartic. The second novel was fun. The third, it’s still in process and who knows, I may never finish it. But I wrote these bodies of work without any intentions. Because I never do exactly that. Every time I write a song, under every circumstance, it is always with the intention it will be released, to the public, on endless music platforms. And in a sense, evaluated; when you think about it.

Every time someone tunes in to a song they decide if they like it, love it, hate it, or just don’t want to hear it because it doesn’t fit their needs at the time, if ever. So that’s what I mean. It’s a thing. Writing with expectation. Which is why I’ve written the novels. It’s a lot of work one would say. But it has yet to feel like work. Often times, writing music, feels like work. You love, love doing it. You particularly love it after you’ve nailed your melodic hooks, (chorus, verse, bridge) and feel the lyrics are flowing and you’re proud they aren’t vapid. At least not by your own personal opinion. But because there’s an expected outcome of publishing the work, each and every time, that means some level of pressure exists. So I thought, because I write music with the intention of publishing, I can write novels with the intention of “enjoyment of expression, or “story telling”, only.

Which leads me to, now I’m writing a blog. I’ve written a dozen or so, in fact. And the blog will remain somewhere in between these descriptions. I’ll continue to post them here on the website. But I never announce ‘hey I put up a new blog!’ Yet I don’t keep them to myself, either. I put no expectation as to how often, or if at all I will write one. But yet if I do, I will expect to be sharing it, and with limited exposure. It won’t be like releasing a new Single or Album where it “automatically” appears on a variety of platforms across the globe. As mentioned, it will be found here. And if it’s found anywhere else, that is strictly because someone read it, by coming to our website, and they chose to share it.

All that to say, I like to write. Love it, actually. And for different reasons. What do you like doing where the intentions vary?

*Music work is my work. Writing novels is for my enjoyment. Writing blogs is somewhere in between.* -mp



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