Why Do You Care?


I recently shared with a friend about a particular animal abuse case I’m focused on. His response: Why do you care? What can you do it happened in Arizona? We’ll call this friend “Jonathon”. I said “Jonathon, I love animals most intensely so that’s why I care. Secondly, I’ve never been one to turn a blind’s eye to something that profusely pisses me off, and further more, I’ve made animal welfare my business for a long time, as best to my abilities.” He hasn’t noticed this? Certainly he has joined the ranks of many friends subjected to one of my many, why I hate factory farming monologues. No??

When a story comes to light where an animal is abused or inhumanely killed, PETA steps up, Humane Society steps up, and I, too, step up and do what I can to see to it that the offender is penalized, and that laws to protect are instilled. And plenty others like me do the same. We’re a crew who wished even more people would involve themselves like we do, as then there wouldn’t be a weak animal welfare law in the country. If every soul spoke-out about how they feel when they see something as tragic as a kitten buried alive in concrete, or footage of hundreds of pigs confined to life in cages not much larger than the size of their body; things would be very different.

So yes, these things disturb me and always have, and because of that I spend a portion of my time on animal welfare, rights, justice, whatever you want to call it. The example of work I’m most proud of is called “Opus One.” Please view and share because sharing is caring. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzEj9LG6y4g (and pls don’t forget to comment and thumbs-up)

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